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Heating & Air Conditioning  Financing Options

*Upon Credit Approval. Average Monthly Payment Based On Base Model Equipment & Portrays An Estimated cost Analysis.

  • 18 Months Interest Free

    • $333.33

  • 37 Months​ (5.99% APR)
    • $180.00​
  • 61 Months (7.99% APR)
    • $120​.00
  • 132 Months (9.99% APR)

    • $75.00​


We also offer a variety of interest free terms for qualifying purchases!

Schedule Your Interest Free* Financing TODAY To Prepare You For Tomorrow

Are You Looking For Financing Options?

                    We Can Help

Premier Heating & Air has partnered with Synchrony Financial to bring you a peace of mind. 

Just within a few minutes, we will be able to tell if you are approved!

Give us a call to schedule an appointment  to see if you qualify for our Peace of Mind Special!

Installs, Replacements, and Repairs

Happy Young Family

We understand that even repairs can be expensive. That's why it was important for us to provide financing for even your heater repair cost. From ductwork to replacements to repairs, we got your back! 

  • Heating and air conditioning repair

  • Heating and air conditioning installs

  • Heating and air conditioning ductwork

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